Some Answers to Questions You May Have

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhen I order, what do I receive?

You will receive two products in one shipment. The first package is the Take Me Back to Mayberry curriculum. The curriculum and supportive materials are on one CD. A demonstration DVD is included (at no additional charge) which is an example of a lesson taught in a local church. The second package contains a set of 16 episodes of The Andy Griffith Show

QIf I have the DVDs of The Andy Griffith Show, can I order just the curriculum?

YES! When you place your order—order only the curriculum.

QWhen I teach the class, does it require a moderator?

To be most effective, a moderator is suggested for the materials. Showing the videos without the use of supportive materials would be unproductive.

QWhat ages would enjoy this series?

Anyone who enjoys a good laugh would enjoy the series. While some may not be familiar with the television show The Andy Griffith Show, others are quite familiar with the show and its star. The series has been used by different ages. Youth Pastors, Seniors Pastors and Young Adult Pastors have used this material.

QIs this curriculum only for Sunday school?

The series was originally developed for use in Sunday morning Christian Education, however it has been used on Sunday nights, Wednesday nights and small group meetings. Some churches have used the materials on Wednesday nights during the summer to help give congregations a break from regular teaching or activities.

QWhat types of churches have used Take Me Back to Mayberry?

Churches from various backgrounds have ordered and used the materials. A short list would include: Assemblies of God, Southern Baptist, Independent Baptists, Church of Christ, Church of God, Presbyterian, Bible churches, Episcopal, United Pentecostal Church, Pentecostal Holiness, Church of the Nazarene, United Methodist Church, and independent and non-denominational churches.

QDoes the curriculum have a denominational slant?

The material represents broad topics which are considered universally acceptable among most Christian faith (Protestant) churches. Main topics are supported with several New Testament, and Old Testament scripture references. You may preview the supportive materials and since the notes and handouts come in an electronic format—you are welcome to delete any area where your faith group may not support.

Disclaimer: Take Me Back to Mayberry, Thomas Harrison, and Media Embassy are not affiliated, endorsed, or associated with Mayberry Enterprises, Andy Griffith, The Andy Griffith Show, or any other individual or organization.